Another TV infrastructure investment? Nope. There’s a bigger opportunity.

There’s no better business to be in these days than the interface business. With the industry in a state of complete disruption, TV and ...

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Rebranding an SVOD app doesn't have to be so hard.

Can You Rebrand An SVOD App With No Code Changes?

If rebranding an app with no code changes conjures up science fiction for you, because you’ve been through many app design iterations and they ...

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Breaking the Barriers to Entry in OTT Video

What we think of as “TV” is one of the only media businesses that still has high technical barriers to entry, but what if ...

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Talking TV on The Brief

If you look at what’s changing, consumers are driving things, now. I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Andrew Milne, CEO and ...

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Platform SDK

Is Using a Platform SDK Always the Best Option?

There are teams of brilliant developers who work to build platform software development kits (Platform SDKs) for major platforms like iOS and Android, but ...

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Prototyping for TV

Beyond the Toilet Paper Roll: Prototyping for 10ft

As we’ve written about before, designing media applications for 10ft-interfaces brings a whole new crop of challenges and considerations to the playing field — ...

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