Variety Navigating Next Generation TV featured image

Variety Tune In! Navigating Next Generation TV Full Panel Discussion

Such is the nature of the OTT industry when you have broadcasters, social platforms, film studios, and technology providers all agree that having a(...)

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Can We Change the Advertising World in 45 Minutes?

Can We Change the Advertising World in 45 Minutes? Last month I was on a panel at NAB discussing the success that Fox International(...)

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The Mobile and App-Driven Revolution

Mobile TV is Just the Start

As I’ve previously mentioned, video streaming over mobile devices has shifted consumption behaviors. Mobile users’ demand for better mobile capabilities when streaming is forcing(...)

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Apple's new GPU and what it means for app development

The one thing you missed about Apple’s new GPU

Apple's new GPU is going to change the game for app development. Here's why.(...)

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in-app ads

The Art (and Science) of In-App Ads: Cracking Big Brand Budgets

Next month at NAB 2017, I’ll be joining Fox International, Turner, and Frank N. Magid Associates to discuss new monetization experiences and fresh ways(...)

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CFL Mobile nominated for Best Mobile App

Turner Sports, MLBAM, Outside TV Features, NeuLion, and WWE nominated in the same category (...)

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