You.i Engine

A new way to build TV Everywhere applications.
Smooth performance, elegant design, endless devices — you can have it all.

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“We threw our boldest motion designs at You.i Engine and it brought them to life every time across all devices and platforms with remarkable performance.”

Dewey Reid — VP Design, Mobile & Emerging Products, Yahoo!

One codebase
on all screens



You.i Engine renders a single C++ codebase that runs fast on any device. Say goodbye to clunky video apps.

Easy Maintenance

Support the latest devices the minute they hit the market. Push a single update to all platforms.

Ship Faster

Launch your application to all customers across all devices on Day One — a day much sooner than you’d believe.

Go straight from Designs to code

You.i Engine plugs into popular design tools
and outputs visual, layout and motion designs as code.

Pixel Perfect

You.i Engine’s direct-from-design workflow means no detail is compromised, including complex motion.

Separated UI

Business logic is completely separated from the interface layer so designers can change production UI using only design tools.

Device Iteration

Designers and developers work together on real devices from Day One. No prototypes thrown away, and nothing lost in translation.

Fluid Performance

Think video game engine for UI.
Render complex designs through the GPU with incredible efficiency.

Purpose Built

You.i Engine is designed from the ground up to render UI through the GPU as efficiently as possible.


Don’t stress when new devices launch. You.i Engine is optimized for new platforms as they’re released.


Get silky-smooth performance even on low-end devices. No compromises.


“You.i Engine maximizes Vivante’s GPUs for user interfaces
like no one else.”

Wei-Jin Dai — CEO, Vivante

Snaps into your existing video infrastructure

You.i Engine is pre-integrated with video infrastructure from leading vendors, and we’re adding more vendors all the time.

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  • Authentication
  • Advertising
  • DRM
  • Video CMS
  • Player


You.i is an Adobe Primetime partner