You.i Engine

Build cross-platform TV apps with beyond-native
performance and custom designs.

How does it work?

Video game engines have already solved the fragmented living room. So we built an app platform on the principles of game engines – but entirely for the needs of TV.


Start with the tools designers use and love

Designers define layout, visual design, motion and responsiveness directly in the tools they love, giving them full control of every pixel.


Export designs directly to You.i Engine

Those designs are exported directly into production code. No developer interpretation, no negotiation, no compromise.

Use pre-built back end modules

App designs, business logic and pre-built back end integrations come together in one C++ codebase that reaches all screens.


Render your app everywhere

Render UIs through the GPU, for game-like fluidity on any device - from Roku to legacy Android handsets. Free the CPU to multithread assets down from the server.

You.i engine powers apps across all these platforms


Your boldest designs. All screens. No compromises.

This changes everything

You.i Engine revolutionizes the way apps are built. Your designers and developers
will never want to go back to the old way.

I actually have control – not only over how these apps will look but how they’ll react,
how they’ll feel and how they’ll be used.

Geoff Brown, Design Lead, You.i TV

I don’t have to worry about pixels or motion because all of that is handled automatically.

Inan Top, Development Lead, You.i TV


Why build with You.i engine?

A Platform That’s Yours To Evolve.

When you build You.i Engine applications, you’ll never start over again. Instead, evolve your experience over time with elegantly separated and modular front end and back end components.


Front end Control

You.i Engine separates app code from the presentation layer, so you can evolve your user experience over time without worry about breaking your back end code.

Back end Flexibility

Your back end technology integrates with a single You.i Engine codebase across all platforms, making it possible to swap out backend technologies as your requirements change.

Beyond – Native Performance

You.i Engine uses the GPU to render UI just like a video game engine. The result is apps that effortlessly respond to user inputs with smoothness that even native apps would be envious of.

No Design Compromise

You.i Engine exports motion designs directly from popular design tools, and renders them perfectly on every platform. Your designers can work boldly in a world free of traditional technology constraints.

Reach Every Screen – Faster

Apps built on You.i Engine reach every screen with a single C++ codebase. You’ll be on handsets, tablets, and every connected TV platform before you know it – no HTML, no scripting, no stagnant templates.

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