Jason Flick

CEO and Co-Founder

Jason is a veteran in the world of enterprise growth and management, having founded and scaled a number of successful software companies in the past, most notably Flick Software, Eftia, and N-Able. Jason believes in disrupting the status quo, which is what led him to start You.i TV with co-founder Stuart Russell. Jason is currently a sitting member of the board for Turner Ad Labs, Invest Ottawa, and Flick Software.


Stuart Russell

CRO and Co-Founder

Stuart’s successes in software and hardware development, innovation and patent licensing, and business management have served You.i TV well from its first days in business. He is the co-founder of the company and the innovator behind You.i TV’s flagship product, You.i Engine — which draws on his deep experience in developing video game engines from the ground up.


Andrew Emmons


Andrew Emmons was You.i TV’s first hire and currently serves as the leader of the product development team. Having built an acclaimed career around Agile software development, streaming video player applications, and implementing visual designs, Andrew worked side-by-side with You.i TV’s CRO, Stuart Russell, to create and grow You.i Engine, and contributed many of its core features over his tenure with the company.


Trisha Cooke


Trisha is a marketing leader who is no stranger to building global software brands and launching emerging products into market. Trisha’s career has included senior marketing positions at Mitel Networks, QNX Software Systems and she most recently worked as the VP of Marketing at Mxi Technologies before joining the You.i TV executive team.


Perry Weinstein

Global Sales
If you’re looking for a battle-tested OTT veteran to guide you, Perry has deep experience to draw from having launched dozens of high profile streaming services for some of the largest brands in the Entertainment industry. A recovering serial entrepreneur, Perry has even brought a couple of his own streaming services to market. Prior to launching his own companies, Perry held executive roles with both Harris Corporation and Thomson Technicolor where he successfully built new business units for emerging digital distribution and anti-piracy technologies.

Don Liberty

Business Development

Don has spent his career working with graphic technology in a variety of business and sales roles. Don joined the You.i TV team early on, and his contributions have helped scale the organization to where it is today. Don was previously the Director of Business Development at OpenText and the General Manager and Head of Business Development, BitFlash Division at Quickoffice.


Alan Chapman

Customer Success

Alan Chapman has been a fixture in the world of software business for over 20 years. Alan is currently based in Ottawa, Canada but has lived and worked in Asia and Europe. Throughout his career, Alan has held various management positions for Cognos and IBM. Alan specializes in leading teams to build solutions that allow clients to understand their business and make better decisions.


Heather Tyrie

Employee Experience

Heather has been shaping the growth of global corporations for over 20 years. Her strategic approach to recruitment, retention and culture building has been an integral part of You.i TV’s expansion and high level of employee engagement. Heather continually inspires the You.i TV team to challenge the status quo and create an environment where game-changers thrive.