OTT, streaming video, user experience, front-end stack

How to Personalize Data in OTT

How to harness and iterate on viewer data across multiple platforms(...)

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Running You.i Engine One on Oculus Go

Our promise to our customers is that our tech can help them get on the platforms that matter to their viewers. And we’d like(...)

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focus management, react native, tv platforms

Focus Management with React Native on TV Platforms

This is a guest contribution from Guillermo Velasquez, a React Native Consultant at G2i. — Over the past couple of months, we’ve been building a(...)

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Ranking Portability Across Mobile, Tablet, and TV

Evaluating how different cross-platform frameworks stack up (...)

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pay tv operator

Let’s Talk Pay TV User Experience

I joined the team at You.i TV a few months back to head up their Pay TV business development. I’ve been working with Pay(...)

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CES 2019: You.i Engine One Running React Native Across 11 Platforms

  At CES 2018, we announced support for the React Native framework and demoed an RN sample app running on Roku. As expected, the(...)

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