Build for PS4 using React Native and You.i Engine One

Sean Coleman
Sean Coleman

While Microsoft has made a concentrated effort to build for Xbox One using React Native, there doesn’t seem to be many initiatives dedicated to PlayStation. As anyone who’s tried to deploy an app to the Sony platform can attest, they carefully curate the selection and quality of non-game applications that are available.

Sony’s standards for performant applications are high…it’s why you’ll see apps like Crave TV still not deployed to PS4 long after they are deployed on Xbox and other platforms. Sony demands a certain level of quality right off the bat—and rightfully so. It just makes it harder to develop without going fully native, which can be a chore when balancing multiple platforms for a singular app.

It’s why we at You.i TV are pleased to announce that with version 5.3 of our SDK, developers using You.i Engine One can build for Sony’s PlayStation 4 using React Native.

You.i Engine One has supported Playstation since the Ps3 days but only with C++. Now, with the addition of javascript, developers can build in a familiar environment while taking full advantage of the added benefits of You.i Engine One, like enterprise support, video-specific features, and a reusable codebase that can port to other popular platforms, like Roku, Apple TV, and of course, Xbox One.

Best of all, development teams can code with confidence knowing that apps built with You.i Engine One for PS4 will align with the console’s hardware, performance, and certification requirements. You.i Engine One has proven it can deploy on PS4 before, most recently, with Twitch. And as these requirements change, so will our tech.

Here is our Auryn sample app running React Native on PS4 and Xbox One:



As you can see, both consoles experiences are identical. The same UI is shared amongst the two platforms and the fluidity of the animations is almost on par.

This release is part of our continuous effort to expand React Native’s platform reach with enterprise-grade performance. We hope to release official support for Samsung Tizen on React Native with our next release. Stay tuned.

Click here to read the full release notes for You.i Engine One 5.3.

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