Can You Rebrand An SVOD App With No Code Changes?

JP Burdett

If rebranding an app with no code changes conjures up science fiction for you, because you’ve been through many app design iterations and they all came with massive development efforts, you need to see this.

Rebranding your app is a fact of life when you’re managing an SVOD application. If you’ve lived through the process, you’ll know that routine brand updates can sometimes trigger huge development projects, and they’re not optional – delivering a branded experience is key to maintaining your direct customer relationships.

But what if you could get all of the benefits of an on-brand experience without the development effort? In fact, what if your design team could fully reskin your application, on every platform, without touching a single line of code?

It’s possible.

This year, in our suite at CES 2017, we were able to show people how You.i Engine One allows them to do exactly that: Save time and development effort by giving them almost full control of every aspect of the interface, without requiring additional engineering effort.

You.i Engine One is built to make things easy for the people in charge of building relationships on every screen, and we hear every day that one of the most difficult things they wrestle with is implementing their big design visions.

So when we sat down in meetings at CES, we’d turn to the TV screen and start off by showing our guests the default app design and flow that is packaged into You.i Engine One. Our goal with the default app is to provide a complete user experience,  one that’s based on industry best practices and countless hours of user testing.  To top it off, we wrapped it in a beautiful skin as an example of what can be done with You.i Engine One.

Solutions for app development for SVOD services


Solution for rebranding your SVOD app with no code changes - example

It’s an app built for a general entertainment audience, and all of the designs reflect that. We were able to customize the layout, transitions, animations, player and more, using only Adobe After Effects.

But if you’re thinking that your brand experience is significantly different, so it wouldn’t fit within this You.i Engine One design structure, we understand –  most templated solutions will lock you into a few pre-defined layouts, and offer little flexibility beyond that.

So we planned to design another app in purely within the constraints of You.i Engine One.

It was intended to demonstrate what a kids app could look like.  After a short brainstorming session, the designers set out to create the UX design in Adobe Photoshop, and those files were then imported into Adobe After Effects where animations for the app launch, screen transitions and navigation elements were customized.

The resulting Adobe After Effects screens were then exported into a single You.i Engine One Code base. In parallel, we edited the App configuration  – which is contained within a JSON file which was updated to reflect the sample app navigation labels,  content feeds as well as number of tiles to appear in swimlanes.

Finally, we prepared for various platform deployments.  What we ended up with is displayed below, in a kids’ app we called Kaboom.

Here’s the kicker: This transition was made with no code changes,  no custom development work, and no relying on developers to codify motion design. In short, nothing that would fall out of the parameters of the You.i Engine One solution.


Solutions for app development for SVOD services


Rebrand an SVOD app for kids

As you can see, we customized everything from the splash screen, to the lander, all the way to player – all with into custom animations to suit an app for kids. Those design changes went live on all of the supported You.i Engine One platforms.

Many people on our team, on the design and development side of things, have lived through full redesign projects that take months to implement at previous employers. The fact that they can now bring their designs visions and iterations to life without causing a significant development commitment, and can bring those designs to life on multiple platforms from AfterEffects, is huge.

To take it one step further our team has been exploring the where they can push UX design using You.i Engine One right out of the box. Here’s an teaser of things to come:

Rebranding SVOD apps for News, Kids and Sports

So if you’re interested in creating rich and compelling experiences but want to avoid the effort and cost of development, why not take a look at solutions powered by You.i Engine One today. 

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