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Local Now specializes in providing hyper-local weather, traffic, news, and sports reports in real-time. When it was time to refresh the user experience, Local Now chose You.i Engine One. The complete overhaul included a new and improved look and feel, allowing for a much more flexible and dynamic experience as users navigate through channels and content. Local Now 2.0 was rolled out across multiple platforms including iOS and Android, tvOS, and Android TV without compromising user experience or application performance.

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The mission of Local Now is to inspire and inform people through stories and data to build better communities. You.i TV’s innovative technology helps us deliver on that mission and give us the ability to create beautiful, immersive and hyper-personalized apps that put the user first.

Marvin Renaud Senior Vice President, Digital


A new streaming video service, providing viewers with hyper-local weather, traffic, news, and sports reports. Local Now is powered by the best content providers, delivering real-time information when and how you want it. Local Now is owned and operated by The Weather Group.

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