Reimagining what a video application can be for young viewers

TreehouseGo used You.i Engine to create a one of a kind cross-platform video app to appeal to their early childhood viewing audience. By stripping away the restrictive grid structure of a traditional video app, TreehouseGo was able to open up a world of imagination and bring (a lot of) magic to the screen.

You.i Engine helped us go beyond what people expect from a TV Everywhere application and create a truly delightful experience for our young Treehouse viewers. We didn’t have to worry about the constraints of iOS or Android, and were able to bring the Treehouse brand to life.

Caitlin O'Donovan VP, Digital, Kids Division at Corus Entertainment

About TreehouseGo

TreehouseGo lets your little ones enjoy their favourite Treehouse shows in a safe and trusted environment. TreehouseGo is the on-demand streaming app for Treehouse, an early childhood TV channel owned by Corus Entertainment.

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