Using the React Native Ecosystem with You.i Engine One

Erik Uggeldahl
Erik Uggeldahl

When you begin a project in You.i Engine One, with the CLI using the youi-tv init command, the results are pretty bare bones. This is by intention; we don’t want to opt you into too many choices that would require effort to undo. But there is a wide world of free and open-source packages that we can take advantage of in the NPM registry. The JavaScript and React Native ecosystem is a powerful tool to accelerate your work and ensure you and your team are following best practices. In the above video, we’ll look at a number of them that can enhance your experience using React Native. I will take you through the following packages:

  • Babel
  • TypeScript
  • ESLint
  • Lint-staged
  • Prettier
  • React Query
  • React Navigation

With TypeScript, ESLint, and Prettier we can add the rigour of static typing while looking for bad patterns and ensuring consistent style. Lint-staged is a watchdog that will run these tools on each commit to keep your project validated in the long term. With React Query we can take our networking to the next level. And while we barely scratched the surface, React Navigation gives us a complete navigation package with full flexibility to define any navigation scheme.

This video also exists as an accompaniment to the release of You.i Engine One 6.0. Following in the weeks after we will be making TypeScript types available for all of the Engine’s APIs. Bear in mind that the versions of packages and setup processes are liable to change over time.


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