Samsung Tizen is React Native Ready with You.i Engine One

Sean Coleman
Sean Coleman
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Samsung Tizen, the world’s most popular Smart TV OS is officially React Native ready with You.i Engine One 5.4.

Samsung’s Smart TV offering is a major player in the appropriately dubbed, ‘streaming wars’. It’s a popular option in North America and a preferred streaming platform in the United Kingdom. It holds mindshare for a significant portion of the marketplace, so much so that it’s the first external platform to launch Apple’s revamped TV app, ahead of other Smart TV OSes like LG WebOS and Vizio, and even TV-connected devices like Roku, and Amazon Fire TV.

You.i TV has always had a great relationship with Samsung. In 2017, You.i Engine One and its C++ development framework was named an official development partner for Samsung Tizen. Now, with the release of version 5.4 of our SDK, that same trusted relationship is being extended to React Native. Any Engineering team utilizing You.i Engine One’s single React Native codebase for their OTT development can add Tizen onto the same shared ecosystem.

Here is our Auryn sample app running React Native on a Samsung Tizen Curved Smart TV.

For comparison, here is the same app running on PS4 and Xbox One.

A full rundown of You.i Engine One 5.4 can be found in the release notes.

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