After going through a complete overhaul of all their digital assets, Network 10 sought out You.i Engine One to transform the audience experience for their streaming service, 10 Play on streaming and mobile devices. This meant 1) a unified user interface across all screens and 2) the ability to insert non-intrusive display advertising without the need for pre- and mid-roll ads.


“Premium Pause” Ad Moment

Based on Network 10’s stats, their audience initiated 25,000 pause events daily on Telstra TV alone. Seeing an opportunity to monetize the real-estate, 10 Play launched the “Premium Pause” ad; a vibrant, animated overlay that triggers at ‘pause’ and disappears at ‘play’.

Seamless Server Integration

You.i Engine One’s advertising approach integrated seamlessly with Network 10’s ad servers. The 10 Play team is able to manage, optimize, and track their “Premium Pause” format just like any other ad.

Eye-Catching UI

10 Play’s new user experience comes dressed in large, cinematic images with bold colours and vertical navigation. Thanks to a single codebase, this UI will be repurposed for all subsequent platform releases, saving time and energy during development.

React Native on Roku

Telstra TV runs on Roku’s native Brightscript language. You.i Engine One’s unique cloud approach to Roku enabled Network 10 to work in React Native and deploy without touching Brightscript—keeping their single codebase intact.

App Walkthrough

Liz Baldwin

“This is a first of its kind partnership in this market. The You.i Engine One platform will simplify how we approach design and development of apps across multiple devices and platforms, making it much faster to reach audiences on whichever platform they choose to consume content, with consistent customer experience.”

Liz Baldwin General Manager, Digital - Network 10