Come for the sports, stay for the entertainment. What started out as a destination for sports fans in Latin America to watch the World Cup quickly morphed into an expansive sports and entertainment hub with cross-platform ambitions. DIRECTV GO selected You.i Engine One to expand its reach across major streaming platforms and Smart TVs without compromising user experience.


directv, DIRECTV GO

Player Controls

To accommodate mobile screen sizes, DIRECTV GO implemented player control features that streamline the UX process.

1) A single panel, mini program guide that is accessible from the player and can be used on top of live, streaming video.

2) Live tracker icon that sits on the scrub bar, so users always know how far away they are from a live feed, should they choose to rewind or play from the start.

DTVGO Sports filter zoom in on side bar

Sports Filter

Along with an in-player mini guide, DIRECTV GO contains two more program guides: a full-sized one for all channels, and one dedicated specifically to sports content. Instead of browsing one large library, users can jump between tabs, allowing for easier navigation.

Fluid Animations

With You.i Engine One’s designer workflow in place, DIRECTV GO is able to run jank-free animations at 60 fps for an unmatched user experience.

App Walkthrough