In order to provide South American audiences with best-in-class entertainment spanning movies, TV, sports, news, and kids content, Fox utilized You.i Engine One’s single codebase approach to app development and built two wildly different apps: FOXPlay and National Geographic Kids. Two custom UIs. Three form factors. One unified back-end.


UI Reskin

Using You.i Engine One’s origin approach, FOXplay maintained its back-end business logic while the user interface was reskinned into National Geographic Kids. National Geographic Kids deployed on iOS and Android handset/tablet with a custom user experience targeted specifically towards early childhood users. With origin in place, Fox was able to streamline their build time and boost productivity, with the entire process taking only 60 days.

Modern Program Guide

FOXplay boasts an expansive lineup of Live TV channels. To display all of their live content, Fox used You.i Engine One to build a simple program guide that is easy to navigate, fully branded, and accessible during playback.

Babygate Settings

As a parent, it’s important to have oversight on how your child interacts with a video app. National Geographic Kids protects parental control settings with gated authentication in the form of a math equation.

App Walkthrough