Research shows that TV screens are still the preferred viewing platform for sporting events. So, when the NFL needed to bring their brand of premier football content to all major consumer TV-connected devices with the same user-experience, You.i Engine One was there to extend NFL across an impressive six platforms: Roku, PS4, Xbox One, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV.


Instant Always-On Video

NFL jumps right into the action with instant video that plays immediately after app launch. With its vertical layout, users can navigate menu items on the left-hand side while videos play constantly on the right, depending on which menu item is in focus.

In-Player Navigation

In what is dubbed the ‘deep-dive’ feature, users have the option to continue browsing more videos during playback by navigating ‘down’ from the player, opening up a lane of related videos, and shifting the main player into picture-in-picture.

Real-Time Updates

With an algorithm in place that tracks game days’ scores, highlights, and popular feeds, the NFL app is constantly updating to keep content relevant and engaging.

App Walkthrough