When Redbox needed to improve the quality and performance of their streaming service, Redbox On Demand on Roku, they chose You.i Engine One to gain better control of the user interface and eventually migrate their entire slate of TV apps to a single codebase.


React Native on Roku

Redbox on Demand snags the title of being the first ever Roku app to be launched in market using the cross-platform development framework, React Native. With You.i Engine One, development teams can work entirely in React Native and bypass native Brightscript code.

Revamped User Experience

Moving away from a templated approach, Redbox applied an entirely new user experience for Redbox On Demand, making full use of their branded color palette for a striking visual identity.

App Walkthrough

Lowell Bike

You.i TV’s technology makes it easier for Redbox to innovate. It enables us to provide the same great user experience from mobile to living room, regardless of where our viewers are watching, without the constraints of native development for every device.

Lowell Bike Director of Product Management - Redbox