When looking to spin-off HBO Nordic’s kids section, Toonix, into its own full-fledged OTT service, WarnerMedia International took full advantage of You.i Engine One’s designer workflow to bring the energetic brand to life with smooth, motion-rich animations, a vibrant color palette, and a few UX surprises sure to delight any young user.


Branded Player Scrubber

The often forgotten player scrubber is full of possibilities with the right tool in hand. Toonix employed its signature ‘eyeball’ graphic element as the scrubber bar for an added brandable moment.

Custom Focus States

Rather than highlight an object in focus with a simple box, Toonix upped the ante with drop shadows, transparent layers, ease-in and -out animations, and a disjointed border for extra depth.

Hidden Micro-Interactions

Each adorable Toonix avatar comes with its own micro-interaction when selected. Just for fun.

App Walkthrough