When Twitch was looking to overhaul their next-gen console apps with a revamped UI and increased performance, they brought the You.i Engine One SDK in-house to develop a uniform, cross-platform experience across PS4 and Xbox One. The same codebase used to deploy on console has since been extended to Apple TV, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV.


Real-Time Chat Window

Backed by an active community of streamers and viewers, a real-time chat integration is a non-negotiable in any Twitch app. You.i Engine One’s list view implementation enables layouts to interlace text and images without complex position calculation. In other words: emotes are NBD.

In-Stream Preview

Hovering over a streamer’s tile auto-previews their feed thanks to You.i Engine One exposing interfaces with video surface functionality, allowing developers to render to any supported format, not just standard HLS.

Custom Player Integration

Take advantage of a platform player or plug in your own; by choosing to bring their own custom player, Twitch was able to reduce video load time to a matter of seconds between initiation of video request and playback.

App Walkthrough

Functionally, it's [Xbox One] nearly identical to the version currently running on PS4. I gave it a try tonight on my launch Xbox One console, and the app is running more smoothly than the old one did.

Richard Lawler Senior news editor - Engadget