You.i Engine One – The Single Codebase Advantage

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Depending on your streaming services framework or vendor of choice, your development cost for a single platform can be relatively low. Naturally, as your service progresses, new features, bug fixes, and general ongoing maintenance cause your costs to rise. If your service only runs on a single platform, managing your investment isn’t an issue. Adding subsequent platforms, on the other hand, creates a parallel stream of development which racks up expenses. Not to mention, each new platform will require additional resources to support increased development which adds to your overhead. Before you know it, your total cost of ownership is far more than your initial point of entry.

Siloed Single Platform Development


You.i Engine One is an SDK that enables the creation of motion-rich platform-agnostic user interfaces. Design teams export their design files to either JSX or C++ code using the engine, which is then taken by development teams and merged with integrations and APIs to create a single, reusable codebase. Once this codebase is in place, it can be repurposed and deployed to any target platform using pre-built platform bridges.

Initially, your upfront cost may be higher but, over time, as you add more platforms, You.i Engine One ends up saving you more on development time, maintenance, and resources when compared to a traditional method. This is achieved by using a single codebase approach to development. With everything contained in a single script, the amount of time and effort spent producing and maintaining apps is drastically reduced. Test teams are able to test functionality across all platforms, rather than each, individual OS, allowing for better oversight when implementing bug fixes and new features.

So, instead of staffing separate platform teams to build the same experience from scratch, you can have a singular team build one experience, deploy it across every device, and test accordingly. With fragmentation streamlined, you can now shift the focus of resources from table stakes porting and maintenance to innovation and product differentiation.

Single Platform Development (left) – You.i Engine One’s Single Codebase (right)

You.i Engine One is specifically designed for cross-platform development by enterprises and their development teams. Whether you’re architecting your suite of apps internally or working with a third-party, You.i Engine One can be used to reduce your bottom line and evolve with your business.

Want to learn more? Check out the video below or try out a demo of You.i Engine One.

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