You.i Engine One: Using Remote Assets to Dynamically Change OTT User Experiences

Hao Chen
Hao Chen

In my last video, I went through You.i Engine One’s React Native dev panel. The dev panel is a vital tool in You.i Engine One’s arsenal as it enables developers to quickly debug and test app builds on any platform. Today, I want to highlight another powerful tool that I am very close to: CYIRemoteAssetCatalog —or Remote Assets.

As the name suggests, Remote Assets are assets that can be accessed remotely. In You.i Engine One’s case, the assets are exports from Adobe After Effects, specifically the layout and timeline files. Our Engine supports After Effects so designers can build custom front-end app experiences on any screen. You can watch a full breakdown of our After Effects designer workflow in action, below.

With user interface elements hosted remotely, developers using You.i Engine One’s Remote Asset tool can dynamically change user experiences without rebuilding and redeploying the app. There are a few interesting use cases with this functionality. The most popular being advertisement.

We believe that engaging and interactive display advertising is the best use of streaming media real-estate since users don’t have to stop watching their chosen piece of content. With Remote Assets, brands can quickly swap out promotional ads directly on the UI. Network 10 in Australia is using this very method to great effect with their Premium Pause ad concept. Other use cases for Remote Assets include special interactive moments and A/B testing.

Native Modules

You.i Engine One supports C++ and a variation of React Native as official development languages. Remote Assets, however, only work against C++ APIs. In order to bring our Remote Asset functionality to React Native developers, a native module has to be created. A native module is the glue layer that connects JavaScript and C++ implementation. My colleague John has put together a great post on native modules, shadow views, and You.i Engine One counterparts.

We are actively working on improving You.i Engine One product to better support Remote Asset functionality. I am personally working on this project. The goal is to further open up Remote Asset availability for React Native developers. To learn more about our Engine, watch our Fundamentals series.

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