You.i TV announces You.i Engine One v5.0 — scaling React Native across entire multiscreen development environment

You.i TV
You.i TV

Breakthrough release provides development teams with unified application stack that drives code reuse, video-first features

OTTAWA, CANADA – Sept. 12 — You.i TV, the leader in multiscreen application development, has announced the availability of the latest version of its’ cross-platform application framework — You.i Engine One version 5.0 — now supporting React Native. By binding React Native to You.i Engine One, You.i TV has created a unified application stack that scales multiscreen video-first apps — including 10ft platforms like Smart TVs, gaming consoles, and streaming devices like Roku in addition to mobile  — with maximal code reuse and unmatched user experience.

You.i TV customers are choosing the React Native app development framework because of its usability, iteration speed, and growing ecosystem and community. You.i Engine One version 5.0 empowers these teams to leverage a familiar toolset and extend their development strategy to create multiscreen apps at scale by providing extensive portability, code-reuse, and video-first capabilities including native player integration and DRM.

Organizations are challenged with creating unified app development strategies across a fragmented device and platform landscape,”

said Jason Flick, CEO and Co-Founder of You.i TV.

“With the combination of You.i Engine One and React Native, in-house development teams can unlock a new level of development velocity in delivering custom multiscreen apps with market-leading user experiences.

You.i TV has worked with developers from some of the world’s most prolific media brands as part of their React Native Early Access program. Working collaboratively through a series of agile sprints, these Early Access program participants helped shape the product being launched today.

About You.i TV

You.i TV is a privately held company whose You.i Engine One software platform enables TV and media companies worldwide to engage users, create customers, and ultimately fans. You.i Engine allows customers to build personalized, profitable experiences quickly on all platforms – mobile devices, set-top boxes, game consoles, and streaming devices – from a single code base.

Brands such as A+E Networks, AT+T, WarnerMedia, NBA, Warner Brothers, National Geographic, and Fox are spearheading direct-to-consumer and OTT strategies using You.i Engine-powered TV applications. You.i Engine has been licensed in major industry genres, including entertainment, kids, sports, and news. For more information about You.i TV, visit our About Page, Product Page, or take a look at the You.i TV Blog.

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