Build high performance video apps for mobile, game consoles, streaming pucks, set top boxes, and smart TVs from a single code base

You.i Engine One is a multi-screen app framework that delivers fluid, cross-platform user interfaces from a single codebase. You.i Engine One was built with TV and media specific features in mind, including a reference application, a common video player interface, video metadata integrations and more.

Cross Platform Framework

Leverage a hardware accelerated rendering engine that delivers fluid user experiences across every screen.

Flexible Developer Tooling

Tooling to consistently build, prototype, test and deploy on every platform.

Purpose Built for Video

Consistent access to playback, reference screens, monetization models, and custom integration adapters.

Powerful Design Workflow

Designers build and export the UI directly to the codebase for a pixel perfect app.

Cross Platform Engine

Highly performant. Unlimited Reach. Unbounded View Customization.

  • Apple iOS
  • Android
  • Samsung
  • Roku
  • Playstation
  • Xbox
  • Amazon Prime

C++ 11  Based Framework

You.i Engine One is a complete application framework that offers maximum code reuse through the use of platform independent controls and libraries.

Hardware Accelerated Rendering

Achieve true native performance through abstracted rendering pipeline that supports OpenGL, OpenGL ES,  DirectX, and Custom Graphics APIs to to consistently deliver rich experiences across every screen.

Flexible Native Integrations

Ability to leverage native libraries and user interface controls within your cross-platform application including prebuilt access to common platform capabilities.

React Native & JS Support

You.i TV now offers new options and flexibility in how you build your You.i Engine One based app through the support of React Native  as an official development platform and  – by offering JS bindings on-top of the C++ foundation.

For React Native developers,  You.i Engine One will feel just like a new target platform for maintaining development workflows.  It will be extended with broad portability, unlock a new level of cross-platform code re-use around custom functionality and a new level of design fidelity with smooth JSX integration into our designer workflow.

All of these approaches can be used interchangeably within the same application, enabling a new level of flexibility in how you develop and augment applications.

Learn more about You.i Engine One + React Native

Flexible Developer Tooling

Simplify your tooling and build process to build cross-platform apps


A powerful application panel for accessing tools for analyzing  rendering performance, resource consumption, focus navigation, and user interface behaviors.

Platform Tools

Use the native platform IDEs and tools of your choice for application development, profiling and testing.

Build Environments

A configurable cross-platform build system that integrates with native build tools and enables simple integration of 3rd party tools and libraries.

Automated Testing

Support for automated testing using a cross platform Appium solution.

Powerful Design Workflow

Design in Adobe Creative Cloud and export the files directly into your codebase so your apps are both animated beautifully and pixel perfect every time.

Visual Workflow

Build the UI in After Effects

We combine the power of Adobe with the You.i Engine AE exporter which allows designers compose layout, skin the screens, add interactivity and animate with ease and control.

Rich Motion Design

Elevate your app to a world class experience with branded animations, beautifully fluid loaders, page transitions, button sequences, swim lanes and promotions.

Responsive Layout

Create responsive screens by setting layout anchors and type breakpoints so your UI adapts perfectly to any device type including, mobile phones,  tablets, streaming pucks and TVs.

Lossless Design to Development

All screens and UI elements are exported directly into the application code base creating a user experience without any loss or development effort in the handoff from designer to developer.

Prototype and Preview

No mountain of devices needed. Designers are enabled to simulate real world conditions & devices. Preview animations, layouts, and content without touching a line of code.

Iterate Remotely

Configure your app to retrieve and update UX elements, including layout, styling and motion, dynamically from the cloud.

Purpose Built for Video

All the things you need to make VOD and Live TV apps

OTT & TVE Ready

We’ve bundled in all the necessary business logic, monetization and functions to support VOD or live TV – meaning you can deploy your SVOD, AVOD, TVOD or TVE apps with unprecedented speed.

Video Players

Native player support including, AVPlayer, ExoPlayer, CastLabs, UWP Media Player, AVPlay. Streaming support for MP4, HLS, Smooth and Dash.

Playback UI

Full support for VOD, and Live Linear streams including playback controls, scrubbing, state based play, volume, bookmarking, subtitles, closed captioning and player surface transformation.

App Accelerators

Leverage a complete reference application that includes screens you can customize including splash, sign-in, authentication, landers, movies, shows, PDP,  Search screens, and settings and more.


Leverage abstracted integration APIs so you can use pre-integrated services or connect custom back-end services including online video platforms, content management systems, authentication, entitlements, commerce, payment gateway and analytics.

Pushing the Envelope with You.i Engine One

You will dig this. Our customers do.

In-App Games

“We wanted to build mini games in our app – luckily You.i Engine includes a full fledged 3d rendering engine. We  built them using a new component system. The core was responsible for hosting game instances and game views. The sole purpose of the core is to iterate over all game instances and pulse them to cause an update. Then a cascade of updates propagates throughout the game components.  Each game was branded with rich graphics and animations and the end result are games that are very satisfying to play.”

High Performance Chat

“Our team needed to create a highly performant chat window in a app where where texts and custom emojis from hundreds of thousands of people are displayed simultaneously.  That was the challenge. Being able to utilize text layout utilities and view pooling mechanism, the team was able to create a chat window  was optimized without compromising application performance. “

Sharing Business Logic

“Using a common C++ code base, we can write request, JSON parsing, restriction, account, etc. logic once, and ensure that it will work across all platforms. Rather than having multiple teams specialized in each platform, you can now have one C++ cross functional team that handles the logic across applications deployed on a spectrum of devices. Whereas you can typically get 60% code reuse on other platforms with You.i Engine we are seeing 90%+”


Tech Specs

Just the facts Jack.

Download the You.i Engine One Datasheet

Download Datasheet

Powering top TV and Media Brands

You.i TV is helping its clients change the the rules of video application development, putting them in control of their front end tech stack.

  • Cartoon Network
  • NBA
  • Disney Junior
  • Corus
  • tru TV
  • TBS
  • CFL
  • TNT
  • Nickelodeon
  • Filmstruck