How it works

A Better Way
to Build Apps for Video

You.i Engine is an app platform built on the principles of video game engines: design-centric, cross-platform code with GPU performance.

  • Design

    Design static screens in Adobe Photoshop

  • Animate

    Animate views in Adobe After Effects & export directly to the codebase

  • Develop

    Code bindings & back end integrations

  • Release

    Create builds for target platforms

Reach More Eyeballs

One Codebase. Cross-Platform

You.i Engine offers greater screen reach than any other development platform –  iOS, tvOS, Android, Android TV, PlayStation, Xbox, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Tizen TV, Roku, Smart TVs and more. All powered by a single codebase.

You.i Engine


Design & Build the UI in Adobe Suite

Designers work in Adobe After Effects and export designs directly into the codebase

Design & Build the UI in Adobe Suite

Fast, Fluid Screen Rendering

By unlocking the hardware GPU, screens are fast and offer game-like fluidity.

Fast, Fluid Screen Rendering

Streamline Back End Integrations

Eliminate time consuming platform-specific integrations. With You.i Engine, build your integrations once through web services and deploy consistently to all platforms.

Streamline Back End Integrations

Prebuilt UI Component Libraries

Need to accelerate your UX development timeline? You.i Engine comes preloaded with elegant, UI libraries including animated buttons, scrolling views and swim lanes. Use them out of the box or customize them.

Prebuilt UI Component Libraries

Responsive Layout

You.i Engine supports responsive design practices, so you can set anchors and breakpoints - meaning that screens render across screens beautifully and as intended.

Responsive Layout

Screen Preview

View your prototypes or final UI designs directly from within Adobe After Effects - with preview windows for mobile, tablet and TV.

Screen Preview

Get the GUIDE

10 Best Practices for Exceptional 10-Foot Experiences

This PDF guide contains 10 user experience design best practices to ensure your 10-foot experiences are usable, delightful and achieve your business goals.

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Technical Overview

You.i Engine is built specifically for the needs of TVE, OTT, and VOD applications.


You.i Engine is a multi-screen app experience platform that leverages the GPU to deliver fluid, cross-platform user interfaces from a single C++ codebase.

You.i Engine SDK was built with TV and media specific features in mind, like a common video player interface to interact with platform video players, DRM integrations and more. This makes the process of building a TV or media application on You.i Engine more seamless than any existing approach in the market.

Business Innovation

Why Choose You.i Engine?

Time to Market

You.i Engine dramatically accelerates time to market with a single codebase that can reach a broad range of device platforms.

Brand Experience

You.i Engine breaks the stale UI conventions and templates that brands have been traditionally forced into on each device platform.

Total Cost of Ownership

Build a single codebase vs. multiple native codebases. Deliver on your feature roadmap with less cost, and reduce your maintenance costs.