Curious about the ins and outs of You.i Engine One? Take a look under the hood and see how we’re bringing added stability and support to the open-source React Native framework.


Cross-Platform Engine

A complete application framework with platform-independent controls and components, powered by a C++ base layer.


Hardware Accelerated Rendering

Achieve native performance through an abstracted rendering pipeline that supports OpenGL, OpenGL ES, DirectX, and custom graphics APIs to consistently deliver rich experiences across every screen.


Flexible Native Integrations

Access platform capabilities from prebuilt cross-platform APIs or integrate custom capabilities by bridging to the native development environment.


Debug Tools

A powerful tooling panel for live analysis of rendering performance, resource consumption, and user interface behaviors on all platforms.

Product Overview

Meet Erik. He’s going to take you on a tour of our cross-platform development kit for video, You.i Engine One.

Supported Platforms

Phones and Tablets

  • iOS iOS
  • Android Android

Streaming Devices

  • tv OS TV OS
  • Android TV Android TV
  • Amazon Fire TV Amazon Fire TV
  • Roku Roku

Smart TVs

  • Samsung Tizen Samsung Tizen
  • LG Web OS LG Web OS

Game Consoles

  • Sony Playstation 4 Playstation 4
  • Xbox One Xbox One

You.i Engine One is built to be truly cross-platform. Deploy across mobile, tablet, consoles, and Smart TVs and take your experiences further.


Cross-Platform Video Playback

An abstracted, cross-platform player API, integrated against native platform video players. Includes support for Live & VoD streaming playback, trickplay, DRM, and captioning.


Screen Interaction

A complete directional focus system for TV and console devices, including integrations into the remote's capabilities. Familiar touch and scroll systems on mobile. Mouse and keyboard to test on desktop.


Build System

A configurable, cross-platform build system that pairs with native build tools, and enables simple integration of third-party tools and libraries.

Design Flexibility

Use the React Native tools you know and love, or go beyond the realm of JSX-defined design and incorporate custom components from You.i Engine One’s After Effects Workflow.

JSX compatible

Leverage JSX-compatible tooling for standardized development of React Native-based UIs.

Seamless Integration

Blend custom-designed components within standard JSX for unlimited experience flexibility.

After Effects Workflow

Build, style, animate, preview, and export high fidelity, pixel-perfect components through an Adobe After Effects plug in.



We play well with others. You.i Engine One is integrated across the video ecosystem with proven cross-platform implementations of common third-party technologies like DRM, Authentication, Analytics, and more.

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