Supported Platforms

  • PlayReady PlayReady
  • FairPlay FairPlay
  • Widevine Widevine
  • AV Player AV Player
  • Exo Player Exo Player
  • Window Mediaplayer Windows Mediaplayer
  • Cast Labs Cast Labs
  • Appium Appium

Third Party Integrations

  • Adobe TVSDK Adobe TVSDK
  • Accenture AVS Accenture AVS
  • Adobe Pass Adobe Pass
  • Apple SSO Apple SSO
  • IstreamPlanet IstreamPlanet
  • NDL Media NDL Media
  • Comcast Technology Solutions Comcast Technology Solutions
  • Drupal Drupal
  • Adobe Omniture Adobe Omniture
  • Aspen Tech Aspen Tech
  • Apps Flyer Apps Flyer
  • Conviva Conviva
  • Comscore Comscore
  • DataXpand DataXpand
  • Krux Krux
  • Google Analytics Google Analytics
  • Crashlytics Crashlytics
  • Newrelic Newrelic
  • Localytics Localytics
  • Nielsen Analytics Nielsen Analytics
  • Youbora Youbora
  • Double Click Double Click
  • Freewheel Freewheel
  • Vpaid 2 Vpaid 2
  • Apple App Store Apple App Store
  • Google Play Store Google Play Store
  • Roku Channel Store Roku Channel Store
  • Amazon Store Amazon Store
  • Apple Airplay Apple Airplay
  • Google Chromecast Google Chromecast
  • Vizbee Vizbee
  • Urban Airship Urban Airship

How we Integrate

You.i Engine One offers flexibility when integrating 3rd-party dependencies

  1. 01 Using an NPM to install dependencies within a React Native project. These can be used immediately with You.i Engine One.
  2. 02 Going native with per platform integrations. For example, implementing an Apple .framework file into a iOS/tvOS application.
  3. 03 Using You.i Engine One’s CMake build system to integrate a C++ library into an application.
  4. 04 Utilize HTTP REST calls to implement a 3rd party's backend or CMS.