You.i Engine One is now available as a React Native-enabled development toolkit that helps teams deliver high-performance, cross-platform video apps from a single codebase. With the latest 5.0 release, developers can combine React Native’s code reuse and portability with You.i Engine One’s UX workflow functionality to build multiscreen apps that reach more viewers, on more platforms, with less effort.

5.0 Release Highlights

React Native Code Portability

Maximize code reuse across platforms including Roku, tvOS, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Xbox – and of course, mobile (Android, iOS).

React Native Compatibility

Integrations with RN common components and modules including Basic Components, User Interface, List / Scroll Views, React Native Video.

Compatibility with popular tools in the ecosystem like Redux, Reactotron and NPM.

Cross-Platform Player & DRM Support

Native playback and DRM support for iOS / tvOS (via Fairplay), Android and Amazon Fire (via WideVine and PlayReady), Roku (via PlayReady), Xbox and Microsoft Windows support (via PlayReady).

Full support for VOD and Live linear streams, including playback controls, scrubbing, state-based play, volume, subtitles, closed-captioning, and player surface transformation. (Excluding Roku)

Designer Workflow and Tooling

Fully compatible with React Native design tooling and JSX workflow.

Timeline-based animation tools that allow multi-layered animations without performance degradations.

New Developer Portal

Includes latest documentation and installation guides, as well as links to Support ticketing and community resources like Stack Overflow:

Organizations are challenged with creating unified app development strategies across a fragmented device and platform landscape. With the combination of You.i Engine One and React Native, in-house development teams can unlock a new level of development velocity in delivering custom multiscreen apps with market-leading user experiences.

– Jason Flick, CEO and Co-Founder of You.i TV.

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