You.i TV Wins Best of Show Award at First Ever Virtual OTT Executive Summit

You.i TV
You.i TV

You.i TV, the leader in premium software tools for OTT application development, today announced they won the OTT Executive Summit “Best of Show” award.  The OTT Executive Summit brings together the top minds in video content, distribution, and technology to discuss how OTT is enabling new business models for both traditional Pay TV providers and new innovators. Voted on by many of the 1700 event attendees, The Best of Show award was given to You.i TV for “best product” in their flagship cross-platform tool, You.i Engine One.

You.i Engine One is a software development kit that allows customers like A+E, AT&T, Fox, Twitch, and WarnerMedia to build personalized, profitable experiences quickly on all platforms – mobile devices, set-top boxes, game consoles, and streaming devices – from a single codebase. By spearheading direct-to-consumer and OTT strategies, You.i TV enables TV and media companies worldwide to engage users and ultimately create fans that come back for more.

“We congratulate You.i TV for winning Best of Show,” said Brian Mahony, CEO of Trender Research and President of OTT Executive Summit & Magazine. “This honor was awarded solely by impressing the 1,700 mostly executive-level attendees of the Summit, who alone submit ballots. As a global leader in OTT application development, this Best of Show distinction is well-deserved.”

Representing You.i TV at the OTT Executive Summit was Allan Isfan, Head of Ads and Dynamic Experiences. Isfan spoke on the panel, “The State of the Art for Video/TV Advertising” alongside media leaders from Nexstar, Pause Commercials, NPAW, and Newsy, to discuss the shifting popularity towards ad-based streaming services and how the new medium’s monetization can be improved with dynamic ad experiences.

With US TV advertising stagnant at $70 billion annually, digital advertising (mobile, social, search, etc) is $130 billion and growing. OTT currently only supports pre/mid roll video ads which limits the ability to deploy digital campaigns. But by leveraging dynamic ad experiences that are non-intrusive for viewers, large enterprise brands who traditionally relied on digital advertising, can now get in front of audiences through Connected TV’s. 

With the You.i Experience Framework, brands can build new ad formats that are digital in nature, (display, rich media, actionable, etc.) while also streamlining the cross-platform distribution of those ads under a single codebase.

To learn how Australia’s Network 10 (division of ViacomCBS) used the You.i Experience Framework to change the way their app was delivered and monetised across multiple platforms, click here.

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